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Animanga Spot ABC, an anime icontest
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15th-Feb-2009 10:08 am - 002: Theme Decision
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
Alright, just like last time, I'm gonna let you guys decide what our theme should be for this second week. Comment to vote, vote for your two favorites, all comments are screened. =3

OOOOH, more votingCollapse )
15th-Feb-2009 09:49 am - 001: A - Azumanga Daioh Voting
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
Welcome to the first voting round! Here there will be guidelines and then the icons will be under the cut. Vote away! =3

-- Vote like this:
•••• First: 5
•••• Second: 9
•••• Third: 14
•••• Best Coloring: 27
-- Or:
•••• 5, 9, 14, 27
-- Don't have your friends vote for you
-- Don't vote for yourself, your vote will be deleted otherwise
-- You will be voting for FIRST, SECOND, THIRD and BEST COLORING.
-- Voting will end Monday, February 16th unless stated otherwise.

A! Azumanga Daioh!Collapse )

What to do now? I'll give you some pointers!
- Apply to be a banner maker if you have an editing program, experience and some spare time.
- Suggest themes.
- Spread the word about amspot_abc.
- Decide the brand new theme!
13th-Feb-2009 11:18 pm - 001: "A" Reminder
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
We've got TWO entrants for A at the moment, if you have any last minute entries submit ASAP to A - Azumanga Daioh! =3
10th-Feb-2009 07:40 am - 001: "A" Reminder
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
Seriously, ZERO submissions? There's just nyo way! ToT

Remember that the deadline is this Saturday, so get those entries in pronto!
8th-Feb-2009 03:03 pm - Challenge 001: A - Azumanga Daioh
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
Welcome to the very first round of Animanga Spot ABC! After tallying the votes, Azumanga Daioh will be our first theme! ^O^

Info and submission rules under the cutCollapse )

The deadline is set to be for Saturday, February 14th. Good luck! =3
8th-Feb-2009 10:04 am - Voting tiem!
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
This voting post will be a dummy to show what voting is like in amspot_abc. Please do vote when you have the time! =3

-- Vote like this:
•••• First: 5
•••• Second: 9
•••• Third: 24
-- Or:
•••• 5, 9, 24
-- Don't have your friends vote for you
-- Don't vote for yourself, you will be disqualified
-- No showing your entries to anyone, which includes posting and sharing.
-- You will be voting for First, Second and Third.
-- Voting will be closed Sunday Night - Monday unless stated otherwise.


After voting, please double-check if you've done these things:

- Relieve any questions at the FAQ
- Make future theme/community suggestions here
- Affiliate with us if you have any icontests/graphics journals
- Give word of the comm when you have the time
- Apply as a banner maker if you have a photo editing program and some extra free time.

I plan to put the submission post up tomorrow! =3
7th-Feb-2009 10:28 pm - Banner-makers Application Post
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
I need extra help on making banners for the winners of each week. So if you have free time and make graphics, please do apply to be a banner-maker! Simply comment to this post with this form:

7th-Feb-2009 01:01 pm - First Contest Preparation
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
As you can see by the user info...we don't have enough contestants to participate, we're not ready to start the first contest! So here's things that I'd love for you to do before we officially begin:

- Relieve any of your questions at the FAQ page.

- Suggest the community's first theme [which needs to start with the letter "A", if you haven't noticed.]

- Pimp the comm. This is your top priority at the moment, so please don't be afraid to give word of amspot_abc wherever its relevant!

Once we hit enough members, our first contest will begin!
7th-Feb-2009 12:56 pm - Affiliates
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
Want to affiliate with amspot_abc? Go ahead, provided you follow these guidelines:

- Only anime-related icontests/anime-related graphics journals can request to affiliate
- Please leave a one-line description of your community/journal along with the name
- You add us onto your affiliate list

Otherwise, feel free!

Affiliates hereCollapse )
7th-Feb-2009 12:55 pm - Suggestions
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
Is there anything you think can make amspot_abc better? Maybe you have an animanga series you want to suggest as a theme? Feel free to share your thoughts here!
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