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Animanga Spot ABC, an anime icontest
Voting tiem! 
8th-Feb-2009 10:04 am
Pokemon::Wobbuffet - Dansu-nas~!
This voting post will be a dummy to show what voting is like in amspot_abc. Please do vote when you have the time! =3

-- Vote like this:
•••• First: 5
•••• Second: 9
•••• Third: 24
-- Or:
•••• 5, 9, 24
-- Don't have your friends vote for you
-- Don't vote for yourself, you will be disqualified
-- No showing your entries to anyone, which includes posting and sharing.
-- You will be voting for First, Second and Third.
-- Voting will be closed Sunday Night - Monday unless stated otherwise.

What should our first contest be?
1- Ah! My Goddess
2- Air
3- Air Gear
4- Akira
5- Angel Sanctuary
6- Astro Boy
7- Azumanga Daioh

After voting, please double-check if you've done these things:

- Relieve any questions at the FAQ
- Make future theme/community suggestions here
- Affiliate with us if you have any icontests/graphics journals
- Give word of the comm when you have the time
- Apply as a banner maker if you have a photo editing program and some extra free time.

I plan to put the submission post up tomorrow! =3
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